Links to Medical Websites

Medical Practitioners offering Circumcision

Gentle Circumcision
US based circumcision. From the website statement: "Our mission is to provide affordable pediatric and adult circumcisions by highly experienced physicians."

The Reed Centre
A very well known Miami based circumcision center, specializing in adult circumcisions.

Gentle Procedures Clinic, Dallas, TX
A Texas based Clinic offering circumcisions for all age groups.

Pollock Clinics (Vancouver, Canada)
Clinic in Vancouver providing circumcisions as well as a lot of information about the procedure (including video).

Circumcision Centre (UK)
British site providing circumcisions for boys and men, as well as a lot of information.

IMC Circumcision Clinic London, UK
British site based in London providing circumcisions for boys and men, as well as a lot of information. The IMC offers a free, no obligation appointment to chat about circumcision or frenulum removal procedures for individuals with no particular medical or surgical problem.

The Perth Circumcision Clinic
The Perth Circumcision Clinic provides a professional, quality medical service to families who wish their sons to be circumcised. The Clinic was set up by Dr Leon Levitt, an experienced Western Australian General Practitioner Obstetrician with over 25 years experience in circumcisions in neonates (boys under the age of 6 weeks).
List of Possible Circumcisers in Australia and New Zealand.
A list of doctors around the world who offer circumcision from the ICIRC site.

A German site of Urologists in several German cities who offer circumcision services.

Sites Providing Infos about HIV/AIDS

Operation Abraham
Compeling evidence from serious scientific studies, including three controled trials in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa, have demonstrated in 2007 the effectiveness of adult male circumcision in dramatically reducing HIV transmission heterosexualy to uninfected men. Surgery (male circumcision) is now becoming an important additional tool in the global fight agains HIV and AIDS.
Clearinghouse on Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention by the World Health Organisation (WHO), UNAIDS and others.
Information about Circumcision and taking responsibility.

HIV/AIDS M&E - Getting Results
Male Circumcision: Evidence and Implications.