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General Websites
This is the world's biggest, most up-to-date and reliable academic review of the medical and scientific literature on male circumcision by one of the world's top experts on the subject.

International Circumcision Information Reference Centre (ICIRC)
Lot of useful information about many aspects of circumcision,including medical papers and personal experiences.
Circumcision Academy of Australia Website. This organization aims to provide reliable evidence based medical research information on circumcision as a public health issue and facilitate education on good clinical practice.
Circumcision - a lifetime of medical benefits. A site set up by the well-known pediatrician Dr Ed. Schoen.

Discussion groups, medical, sexual and personal information regarding every aspect of circumcision.
(Note: this site also contains information and pictures of an explicit nature that may not be suitable to minors)

Circumcision Information
Information on all aspects of Circumcision
The Circumcision Helpdesk is a not-for-profit publisher of medical educational material for the general public
Kids Health for Parents - Circumcision

Parents Decision
Aim to give parents sufficient information to help them make one of the most important decision they will ever have to make for their baby son.

The First Cut
An Unbiased Look at an Ancient Tradition
A website for men considering adult circumcision, based on personal experiences, and including a chat room.

wikiHow to Get Circumcised
A website explaining what happens during circumcision, how to prepare, after care etc.

The Circumcision Helpdesk
The Circumcision Helpdesk is a not-for-profit publisher of medical educational material for the general public.

Male Circumcision: An Appraisal of Current Instrumentation
Male Circumcision: An Appraisal of Current Instrumentation by Brian Morris and Chris Eley.

Links to Websites dealing with Cyber-Bullying

Circumcision Choice
A new site "to help parents, physicians, healthcare providers and organizations with accurate information on routine infant circumcision", and also addresses the bullying and attacks by the so-called "inactivists" on those who disagree with them.

The Case Against Intactivism
"A blog about the other side of the circumcision debate".

Circ Facts
A new site with the aim of providing real facts about male circumcision and refute the claims made by the "inactivists".

Evidence based anihilation of anti-circumcision pseudoscience.

Links to Websites dealing with Religious Information
International Bris Association - Information about Circumcision from a Jewish Perspective, also to contact a mohel anywhere in the world.

Religion Facts
What does Judaism teach about circumcision?

General Sites dealing with Health Matters
Online healthy directory and medical portal.